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Youth in war torn areas: the lost generation?

Raboteg-Šarić, Zora
Youth in war torn areas: the lost generation? // Doomed to free choice: Interpretation of childhood and youth in late modernity
Dubrovnik, Hrvatska, 2000. (pozvano predavanje, međunarodna recenzija, neobjavljeni rad, znanstveni)

Youth in war torn areas: the lost generation?

Raboteg-Šarić, Zora

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Sažeci sa skupova, neobjavljeni rad, znanstveni

Doomed to free choice: Interpretation of childhood and youth in late modernity

Mjesto i datum
Dubrovnik, Hrvatska, 22-28.05.2000.

Vrsta sudjelovanja
Pozvano predavanje

Vrsta recenzije
Međunarodna recenzija

Ključne riječi
Youth; qualitative research; quality of life; war traumas

In this presentation the results of a quality of life survey conducted in 1999 among youth that live in war affected areas are briefly described. The study included 1106 high school students. Socio-demographic characteristics of youth, their main problems and those that affect their families are discussed. The qualitative part of the study entails a content analysis of essays written by 306 students on topics such as the quality of youth life in their local community, their reflections on future life perspectives, and what needs to be done to improve their current situation. The content of these life stories is discussed in the context of difficult war experiences of this youth generation and the overall inadequate quality of life for youth in war affected areas. Low standards of living, lack of employment opportunities, unrenewed/ destroyed communities, broken social networks, and a sense of insecurity are part of their everyday lives. Dissatisfaction and disillusionment among youth in these areas are prevalent. There is a distinct lack of meeting places, cultural, recreational and social activities for this population. The consequences of war are also evident in changed personal relationships, general apathy and a lack of hope for the future. These young people feel as if they are on margins of Croatian society, being the unlucky survivors of difficult war and post-war circumstances. Although many are emotionally attached to their place of living and eager to support its future development, they see themselves as the lost war generation that needs to seek a better future elsewhere.

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Sociologija, Psihologija


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Institut društvenih znanosti Ivo Pilar, Zagreb

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Zora Raboteg-Šarić, (99796)