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Deliverable 4.2 Report on bi-annual agenda (month 12-18)

Čišić, Dragan; Tijan, Edvard; Perić Hadžić, Ana; Ogrizović, Dario
Deliverable 4.2 Report on bi-annual agenda (month 12-18), 2009. (izvješće).

Deliverable 4.2 Report on bi-annual agenda (month 12-18)

Čišić, Dragan ; Tijan, Edvard ; Perić Hadžić, Ana ; Ogrizović, Dario

STARNETregio-STARring a trans-regional NETwork of regional research-driven marine clusters, EC Contract nr. 204961

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International Maritime Dissemination Forum; shipbuilding

StarnetREGIO countries (Italy, Slovenia and Croatia) and regions do not have identical overview of the main strategical development directions concerning maritime affairs as a whole. For that reason, the Web forum can be offered to local and regional policy makers as a tool for obtaining valuable ideas, proposals and guidelines for generation of maritime guiding principles for national, regional and local development. The purpose of such "International maritime dissemination forum" is to create common “ virtual” tool for gathering of the maritime industry companies and to create a virtual cluster as a prerequisite for creation of the real regional maritime cluster. The first task in creating the International maritime dissemination forum was to identify relevant key actors who can be involved in the development and the design of the International maritime dissemination forum ( The forum is located on a separate server and is accessible through a link on the project website. The forum is guided by the Technical Steering Committee under the management of Italian research firm AREA and the University of Rijeka, specifically in coordination with TIA and LUKA KOPER (Slovenia) due to their broad experience in this field. Each region ; Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy), Slovenia and the County of Rijeka (Croatia) have provided input to the forum structure and its contents. Furthermore, each region selected sector relevant associations and further organisations of the regions in order to involve them as stakeholders/members of the forum. The forum consists of a public and a private area, in order to allow project partners and the further selected members to access confidential information and documents in the private section.

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Računarstvo, Tehnologija prometa i transport, Informacijske i komunikacijske znanosti


Projekt / tema
112-1121722-1719 - Regionalni elektroničko logistički pomorski cluster, orkestriranje procesa (Dragan Čišić, )

Pomorski fakultet, Rijeka