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Tuberculosis in pets and wild animals living in urban environment

Špičić, Silvio; Duvnjak, Sanja; Obrovac, Mihaela; Zdelar-Tuk, Maja; Katalinić-Janković, Vera; Račić, Ivana; Cvetnić, Željko
Tuberculosis in pets and wild animals living in urban environment // ESM 30th Annual Congress, Porto, Portugal / Suzana David (ur.).
Porto, 2009. str. 120-120 (poster, nije recenziran, sažetak, ostalo)

Tuberculosis in pets and wild animals living in urban environment

Špičić, Silvio ; Duvnjak, Sanja ; Obrovac, Mihaela ; Zdelar-Tuk, Maja ; Katalinić-Janković, Vera ; Račić, Ivana ; Cvetnić, Željko

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ESM 30th Annual Congress, Porto, Portugal / Suzana David - Porto, 2009, 120-120

European Society of Mycobacteriology 30th Annual Congress

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Porto, Portugal, 5-8.07.2009

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Tuberculosis; pets; wild animals

Apart from pets and domestic animals humans are often in direct or indirect contact with wild animals, especially those living in Zoos. Because of their origin these animals are a possible source of infection with mycobacteria atipical for certain regions. In that manner, in 2004. M. africanum type I was isolated from organs of a hyrax (Procavia capensis) that died in zoological garden in Zagreb. The hyrax had been imported from United Arab Emirates (UAE). Also, in the same year, Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection was diagnosed in a dog. This was a pet who lived it's intire life in a city (Zagreb, Croatia) and whose owner was negative on tuberculosis. Both isolates were MIRU typed on 12 locuses (2, 4, 10, 16, 20, 23, 24, 26, 27, 31, 39 i 40). Sinse no extensive researsch was done in the past with regards to molecular typisation of M. africanum with MIRU typing, we compared our results to the ones available online (data base www. miru-vntrplus. org )(ALLIX-BÉGUEC et. al., 2008). M. africanum type I isolated from the hyrax had a unique code (235424253422). MIRU type of M. tuberculosis isolated from the dog was identical to 8 human isolates originating from all over Croatia in the period from 2004.-2006. Out of these 8 cases, 3 originated from Zagreb and County of Zagreb ; 3 from neighbouring counties (Sisačko – moslavačka, Karlovačka and Varaždinska) and 2 from more distant counties (Međimurska and Primorsko – Goranska). Considering that the highest tuberculosis incidence of the same MIRU genotype was localised in a 50 km radius in as many as 6 human cases we deducted that it's very likely that these people were source of infection for this dog. According to these examples, pets and zoo animals are important links in the chain of import and spread of pre-existing mycobacteria species in urban environment.

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Javno zdravstvo i zdravstvena zaštita, Veterinarska medicina


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048-0481153-1150 - Molekularna epizootiologija važnih bakterijskih zoonoza (Željko Cvetnić, )

Hrvatski zavod za javno zdravstvo,
Hrvatski veterinarski institut, Zagreb