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The Accident of Kornati (Croatia)

Stipaničev, Darko; Viegas, Domingos
The Accident of Kornati (Croatia) // Recent Forest Fire Related Accidents in Europe / Domingos Xavier Viegas (ur.).
Luxembourg: European Commission Joint Research Centre Institute for Environment and Sustainability, 2010. str. 26-53

The Accident of Kornati (Croatia)

Stipaničev, Darko ; Viegas, Domingos

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Recent Forest Fire Related Accidents in Europe

Domingos Xavier Viegas

European Commission Joint Research Centre Institute for Environment and Sustainability



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Fire accident, eruptive fire, Kornati accident

Croatia belongs to the group of European countries with high forest fire risk and lot of rural and forest fires, particularly in summertime, along the coast and on the numerous Croatian islands. Damages caused by fires are not very high because the fire fighting service in Croatia is quite well organized, having both professional and voluntary fire fighting organizations. The history of organized fire fighting in Croatia is 144 years old and during this long history, until 2007, not a single fire fighting accident with a large number of causalities had been recorded. Since 1980 not more then 15 fire fighters and civilians have lost their lives as a direct consequence of forest fires. The accident of Kornati that happened on August 30, 2007 is therefore the largest fire fighting accident ever recorded in Croatia. Twelve fire fighters, both professional and voluntary, lost their lives and one was badly injured in a small canyon near Sipnate bay on Kornat island in Kornati National park. In order to explain what had happened in Sipnate canyon and why experienced fire fighters lost their life during an apparently quite simple intervention, the Office for National Security of Croatian Parliament and law-court in Sibenik have engaged more than 50 researchers and experts from various fields. One year after the accident a report with the main results of this investigation which emphasis is on physical aspect of accident, primarily meteorology, vegetation, fire spread, aerodynamics and thermodynamics was reported. Our aim in studying this accident was not to find who is guilty or to blame anyone, but rather to find what happened and to extract lessons, to avoid future accidents. Kornati victims will never been forgotten and they will live in our memory, but we hope that lessons learned from the accident can help to further prevent such accidents. The accident of Kornati was the fist accident in Croatia with lots of causalities, but we hope that it will be also the last one, too.

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023-0232005-2003 - AgISEco - Agentski orijentirani inteligentni sustavi nadzora i zaštite okoliša (Darko Stipaničev, )

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