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Design department data flow integration

Marjanović, Dorian; Bojčetić, Nenad; Deković, Damir; Pavković, Neven; Pavlić, Davor; Štorga, Mario; Žeželj, Dragan
Design department data flow integration // Integrated product development: proceedings of the 3rd international workshop / Vajna, S. ; Clement, S. ; Naumann, T. (ur.).
Magdeburg: University of Magdeburg, 2000. str. 135-150 (pozvano predavanje, međunarodna recenzija, sažetak, znanstveni)

Design department data flow integration

Marjanović, Dorian ; Bojčetić, Nenad ; Deković, Damir ; Pavković, Neven ; Pavlić, Davor ; Štorga, Mario ; Žeželj, Dragan

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Integrated product development: proceedings of the 3rd international workshop / Vajna, S. ; Clement, S. ; Naumann, T. - Magdeburg : University of Magdeburg, 2000, 135-150

3rd international workshop on integrated product development

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Magdeburg, Njemačka, 28- 29. 09. 2000

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CAD; design data flow; Java; design department

This article is presenting the one approach to the data flow integration within the design department and applied solution. On the example of a medium size company of power transformers, we have studied the parameters necessary for the design of a software that would implement web based technologies in order to enhance communication between the designers, achieving more precise data access. The advantage of applying web technologies in data management is that the user needs no other software application besides the web browser as already installed in his computer. In addition to that, the user is not limited by his choice of operating system (Windows, Unix). The first stage of a project was a study of existing procedure in the design office. The study was conducted by interviews. The method we have used was based on the interviews with the members of a design department. Base on the data gathered in the interviews we have been able to identified several problems within ME design department. We have grouped problems in organizational and technical category. The proposed solution includes co-operation of the two basically different SW environments the CAD environment and the database environment. The first software package developed is a Web application that provides support for information management within the design department. Information sharing and handling data in the engineering management can be achieved by saving the data using a number of related databases and using the WWW technology as a development environment. The second software package is Java based application from which parameters of the actual model and the model itself can be altered. This application gives the designers all the necessary freedom when working with the model. CAD model attached to the application is feature based parametric driven solid model. At the present state the both systems have passed the initial tests for the subset of the products’ domain.

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