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Differential susceptibility of RAE-1 isoforms to mouse cytomegalovirus

Arapović, Jurica; Lenac, Tihana; Antulov, Ronald; Polić, Bojan; Ruzsics, Z.; Carayannopoulos, L.N.; Koszinowski, U.H.; Krmpotić, Astrid; Jonjić, Stipan
Differential susceptibility of RAE-1 isoforms to mouse cytomegalovirus // Journal of virology, 83 (2009), 16; 8198-8207 doi:10.1128/JVI.02549-08 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Differential susceptibility of RAE-1 isoforms to mouse cytomegalovirus

Arapović, Jurica ; Lenac, Tihana ; Antulov, Ronald ; Polić, Bojan ; Ruzsics, Z. ; Carayannopoulos, L.N. ; Koszinowski, U.H. ; Krmpotić, Astrid ; Jonjić, Stipan

Journal of virology (0022-538X) 83 (2009), 16; 8198-8207

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NKG2D ligands; MCMV proteins

The NKG2D receptor is one of the most potent activating NK cell receptors involved in antiviral responses. Mouse NKG2D ligands, MULT-1, RAE-1 and H60 are regulated by mouse cytomegalovirus (MCMV) proteins m145, m152 and m155, respectively. In addition, the m138 protein interferes with the expression of both MULT-1 and H60. Here we show that one of five RAE-1 isoforms, RAE-1delta, is resistant to down-regulation by MCMV and that this escape has functional importance in vivo. Although m152 retained newly synthesized RAE-1delta and RAE-1gamma in the endoplasmic reticulum, no viral regulator was able to affect the mature RAE-1delta form which remains expressed on the surface of infected cells. This differential susceptibility to down-regulation by MCMV is not a consequence of faster maturation of RAE-1delta as compared to RAE-1gamma but rather an intrinsic property of the mature surface-resident protein. This difference can be attributed to the absence of a PLWY motif from RAE-1delta. Altogether, these findings provide evidence for a novel mechanism of host escape from viral immunoevasion of NKG2D-dependent control.

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062-0621261-1263 - Molekularni mehanizmi citomegalovirusnog izmicanja imunološkom nadzoru (Stipan Jonjić, )
062-0621261-1268 - Uloga imunosubverzivnih citomegalovirusnih gena u latenciji (Astrid Krmpotić, )
062-0621261-1271 - Uloga NKG2D u razvoju, homeostazi i efektorskim funkcijama imunološkog sustava (Bojan Polić, )

Medicinski fakultet, Rijeka

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