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Business and IT Allignment - from Planning to Performance Evaluation

Tomić Rotim, Silvana; Komnenić, Višnja
Business and IT Allignment - from Planning to Performance Evaluation // FEACO European annual conference / Poor, Jozsef (ur.).
Dubrovnik: Association of Management Consultants, 2008. str. 1-10 (predavanje, međunarodna recenzija, sažetak, ostalo)

Business and IT Allignment - from Planning to Performance Evaluation

Tomić Rotim, Silvana ; Komnenić, Višnja

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FEACO European annual conference / Poor, Jozsef - Dubrovnik : Association of Management Consultants, 2008, 1-10


FEACO European annual conference: Competitiveness, Innovation, Business exellence and Consulting in CSE Europe

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Dubrovnik, Hrvatska, 23-24.10.2008

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Business allignment; performance measurement

Aligning business and IT is a major and continuing challenge for all organizations and their management. The alignment, in order to deliver higher business performance, presupposes a strategic business opportunity to which IT is integral. In other words, Strategic Alignment between business and IT can have a positive business impact only if we see an organization’ s IT components as parts of a well-integrated organizational system. If business strategy is viewed separately from IT strategy or IT strategy is viewed only as a “ support” tool, then there is little likelihood that the above positive impact of strategic alignment can take place This paper shows some co-alignment models that can be used from the planning process to the overall performance evaluation of organizations. We will present the results of applying one of these models to a big Croatian company. Also, it could be used as a consulting tool in assessment phase and recommending improvements and concrete projects for getting closer business and IT. The main result of co-alignment between business and IT should be visible in improvement of overall company performance. Finally it is a good way for transforming to IT Governance. Also, it will be presented the role of internal audit in performance evaluation at business and IT levels, based on risk assessment through testing implemented controls. It shows the relationships between business and IT objectives and metrics, and it could be used for detecting broken connections between them. It is a great opportunity for recognition of improvement areas for aligning business and IT. Because of that, the final result of IT internal audit is not a report by an internal auditor but monitoring the realization and implementation of agreed improvements. It should lead continuously to better aligned business and IT.

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016-0161199-1718 - Razvoj metodike za ICT menadžment (Zdravko Krakar, )
016-0161199-2602 - Razvoj metodike za objedinjeno modeliranje poslovnog i informacijskog sustava (Josip Brumec, )

Fakultet organizacije i informatike, Varaždin

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Silvana Tomić Rotim, (235141)