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Domestic homicide cases related to schizophrenic offenders

Kovačević, Dražen; Žarković Palijan, Tija; Radeljak, Sanja; Kovač, Marina; Ljubin Golub, Tajana
Domestic homicide cases related to schizophrenic offenders // Collegium antropologicum, 32 (2008), S2; 115-122 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Domestic homicide cases related to schizophrenic offenders

Kovačević, Dražen ; Žarković Palijan, Tija ; Radeljak, Sanja ; Kovač, Marina ; Ljubin Golub, Tajana

Collegium antropologicum (0350-6134) 32 (2008), S2; 115-122

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Domestic homicide; schizophrenic offenders; mental insanity

The goal of this study was identification of highly specific patterns of schizophrenia related domestic homicides by comparing schizophrenic homicide offenders with related domestic homicide group of offenders diagnosed with other psychiatric disorders. This study was based on the comparison of schizophrenic homicide group and other homicide group of offenders on the basis of differences in psychosocial and sociodemographic patterns and the modality of crime. The survey was conducted on mentally insane domestic homicide offenders diagnosed with schizophrenia (n=44) and second group of mentally insane offenders diagnosed with other psychiatric diagnosis (n=43). All offenders were admitted to Department of Forensic Psychiatry (Neuropsychiatric Hospital "Dr. Ivan Barbot", Popovaca, Croatia) for psychiatric evaluation. They have undergone psychological testing and psychiatric evaluation in order to make forensic expert analyses of each case particularly. This study showed some specific characteristics in the cases of schizophrenic offenders ; they are more often commit parricides and siblicides, the victims are often males with their own physical strength. Furthermore, schizophrenic offenders were indifferent upon killing their victim ; they were less often provoked by a victim itself and were sober tempore criminis. Moreover, in the same homicide group we found young, single offenders with high school education, average intelligence and with positive psychiatric heredity. Finally, in the same group of offenders we have found no history of military serving, less social developmental disruptions, less history of drug and alcohol abuse during adolescence and adult age.

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130-1301422-1420 - Uloga socio-kognitivnih procesa u samoregulaciji i interpersonalnim odnosima (Željka Kamenov, )

Filozofski fakultet, Zagreb

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