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Osamdesete na Pacifiku: susret orijentalizma i neoliberalizma

Šesnić, Jelena
Osamdesete na Pacifiku: susret orijentalizma i neoliberalizma // Književna smotra, XLI (2009), 152 (2); 13-25 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Osamdesete na Pacifiku: susret orijentalizma i neoliberalizma
(The Nineteen-Eighties in the Pacific: The Crossroads of Orientalism and Neo-Liberalism)

Šesnić, Jelena

Književna smotra (0455-0463) XLI (2009), 152 (2); 13-25

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Radovi u časopisima, članak, znanstveni

Ključne riječi
Osamdesete; orijentalizam; neoliberalizam; Japan; predstavljanje
(The 1980s; US Orientalism; neoliberalism; Japan; Country of Origin; Black Rain)

The 1980s saw the flourishing and wide application of the discourse of orientalism (Edward Said, 1979) in the humanities. In the economic sphere, the era will be remembered as the morphing of capitalist economy into its latest avatar, neo-liberal, global economy. Simultaneously, the Japanese economy experiences a staggering growth, surpassing the American one, which occasions interesting revisions of some of long-cherished orientalist stereotypes and preconceptions. Working with these assumptions in mind, the article proposes an analysis of Ridley Scott's film Black Rain (1989), which takes place in Osaka during the 1980s, and Don Lee's novel Country of Origin (2004), set in Tokyo during the same decade. Focusing principally on two domains, namely, the economic and the cultural (here, encompassing the personal, sexual/erotic, domestic and public), the analysis lays out a specific ideological portrait of the decade, marked by complex circulations and exchanges (in Stephen Greenblatt's words) between these two spheres. The legacy of orientalism continues to imbue the readings of the East undertaken from the West, but these artefacts also show a new awareness of the changing role of the new East, here exemplified by the outsiders' (mis)readings of Japanese culture and counteracted by the insiders' self-definition.

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130-0000000-0832 - Konceptualizacija mora i njegova mjesta u kulturalnom imaginariju SAD (Stipe Grgas, )
130-0000000-3472 - Kulture hrvatske tranzicije i anglofone globalizacije: književnost i film (Borislav Knežević, )

Filozofski fakultet, Zagreb

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Jelena Šesnić, (236460)

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