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Modeling The Energy Potential of Biomass - H2RES

Fowler, Patrick (Pat); Krajačić, Goran; Lončar, Dražen; Duić, Neven
Modeling The Energy Potential of Biomass - H2RES // International journal of hydrogen energy, 34 (2009), 7027-1 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Modeling The Energy Potential of Biomass - H2RES

Fowler, Patrick (Pat) ; Krajačić, Goran ; Lončar, Dražen ; Duić, Neven

International journal of hydrogen energy (0360-3199) 34 (2009); 7027-1

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Renewable energy; biomass; energy planning; H2RES

Modeling biomass as a renewable energy source poses many challenges with respect to feedstock variability, which are difficult to account for. It is found that at the preliminary stages of energy planning, heating value and moisture content of the feedstock are the most important factors. In addition, the effects of harvesting, transportation and storage are found to be significant even though they are often overlooked. Using the gathered information a biomass module for energy planning is created and integrated to H2RES, a renewable energy planning program. Using this excel based software, a case study for a wood processing factory is performed, using the waste wood as feedstock. Comparing various scenarios, it is concluded that using a combination of solid oxide fuel cells, solar panels and steam turbines can satisfy the factories energy requirements with excess sold to the grid.

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120-1201918-1920 - Racionalno skladištenje energije za održivi razvoj energetike (Neven Duić, )

Fakultet strojarstva i brodogradnje, Zagreb

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