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Estimation methods for wind loads on marine objects

Turk, Anton; Prpić-Oršić, Jasna
Estimation methods for wind loads on marine objects // Brodogradnja : ?opis brodogradnje i brodogra?e industrije, 60 (2009), 2; 147-157 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Estimation methods for wind loads on marine objects

Turk, Anton ; Prpić-Oršić, Jasna

Brodogradnja : ?opis brodogradnje i brodogra?e industrije (0007-215X) 60 (2009), 2; 147-157

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Wind loads; offshore structures; extreme wind speed

In the structural design of ships and offshore objects wind loads are not usually considered as the key factor in the total loading on those structures, yet the magnitude of the mean static forces and the moments caused by the wind could induce effects in which these forces and moments become critical, provoking cracks and obstructing efficiency during various ship and offshore operations. From a designer’ s viewpoint, the accuracy of these estimates is important since it influences safety margins, economy of design and operational restrictions. This paper presents the calculation of stationary wind loads on ships and offshore structures. Wind loads on marine structures, expressed as an ahead force, a side force and the yawing moment, were calculated and compared for four available methods. Three parameters of a Weibull density distribution function were calculated for a specific location to present an adequate statistical model for describing the extreme wind speed distribution

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069-0691736-1667 - Numeričko modeliranje hidrodinamičkog opterećenja i odziva pomorskih objekata (Jasna Prpić-Oršić, )

Tehnički fakultet, Rijeka

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