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Model for Implementing TQM in the Graphic Arts Industry

Donevski, Davor; Milčić, Diana; Banić, Dubravko
Model for Implementing TQM in the Graphic Arts Industry // Tehnički vjesnik, 16 (2009), 1; 31-34 (međunarodna recenzija, pregledni rad, znanstveni)

Model for Implementing TQM in the Graphic Arts Industry

Donevski, Davor ; Milčić, Diana ; Banić, Dubravko

Tehnički vjesnik (1330-3651) 16 (2009), 1; 31-34

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Graphic arts; print production; quality; TQM

The most important criterion for pronouncing a certain production process to be successful is that it produces products of the desired quality level. Attaining quality is the aim of every production process. Achieving superior quality is possible by ensuring that a production process is being conducted under optimal conditions. Another important step toward quality is employee education. Ensuring optimal conditions and the best education of employees requires enormous investments and does not lead toward optimization. Printed material has the aim of meeting a certain requirements for quality in order to successfully transfer the message to consumers on the competitive market. In the production process of this dynamicity, every fault results with delays in delivery and quality reduction. This paper investigates current approach to quality in the graphic arts industry, and elaborates the model of applying knowledge from the field of quality management to the printing industry.

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128-1281955-1951 - Standardizacija ekološki prihvatljivih procesa grafičkih komunikacija (Diana Milčić, )

Grafički fakultet, Zagreb

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