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The effect of fixed bed depth on lead removal from aqueous solutions

Perić, Jelena; Trgo, Marina; Vukojević Medvidović, Nediljka; Nuić, Ivona
The effect of fixed bed depth on lead removal from aqueous solutions // Separation Science and Technology, 44 (2009), 13; 3113-3127 doi:10.1080/01496390903182230 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

The effect of fixed bed depth on lead removal from aqueous solutions

Perić, Jelena ; Trgo, Marina ; Vukojević Medvidović, Nediljka ; Nuić, Ivona

Separation Science and Technology (0149-6395) 44 (2009), 13; 3113-3127

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Natural zeolite; lead; fixed bed; BDST approach

The effect of zeolite bed depth on lead removal by the column method has been examined. The results indicate that the increase of bed depth delays the breakthrough point and saturation point, and increases the empty bed contact time, EBCT, of the zeolite – lead solution, and the height of the mass transfer zone, hz. The deeper the bed, the lower the effect of axial dispersion on the mass transfer process. In order to be able to predict the time at which, for a given zeolite bed depth, the concentration in the effluent will not exceed the defined value, the bed depth service time, BDST, approach has been used. Experimentally obtained breakthrough curves for the flow rate of 1 ml/min were used to derive the BDST approach equations. The equations obtained were used, with success, to predict the behaviour of the system for flow rates of 2 and 3 ml/min. Model lines were used to calculate the values of hz. hz was found to increase with the flow rate, which indicates that the contact time, the zeolite – solution EBCT, is not sufficient. This may be attributed to the effect of axial dispersion on mass transfer on the zeolite-solution phase boundary.

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011-0000000-2239 - Prirodni zeoliti u zaštiti voda (Jelena Perić, )

Kemijsko-tehnološki fakultet, Split

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