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Local interferon therapy for melanoma patients

Ikić, Drago; Spaventi, Šime; Padovan, Ivo; Kusić, Zvonko; Čajkovac, Vladimir; Ivanković, D.; Đaković, N.; Nola, Petar
Local interferon therapy for melanoma patients // International Journal of Dermatology, 34 (1995), 12; 872-874 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Local interferon therapy for melanoma patients

Ikić, Drago ; Spaventi, Šime ; Padovan, Ivo ; Kusić, Zvonko ; Čajkovac, Vladimir ; Ivanković, D. ; Đaković, N. ; Nola, Petar

International Journal of Dermatology (0011-9059) 34 (1995), 12; 872-874

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Local interferon; melanoma

Background. Melanoma, once considered a rare form of cancer, is increasing in incidence throughout the world. The prognosis of malignant melanoma is inversely related to the depth of tumor invasion. Methods. Twenty-seven patients were treated with r.IFN alpha 2c. Four patients were treated with human natural leukocyte interferon (HNLI). Interferon was applied locally. Historical control groups were used for comparison in the statistical analysis. The data were evaluated taking into account the single risk factor Clark levels III and IV. In the control group there were 10 patients with Clark levels III and IV ; in the group of r.IFN apha 2c-treated patients there were 20 patients. The data were analyzed by using the Kaplan-Meier and Cox methods. Results. The percentage of survivals was higher in the interferon-treated groups with Clark levels III and IV, than in the control group, that is 60% compared to 25%, and 40% compared to 33%, respectively. The results of the statistical analysis after 60 months of follow-up are significantly better in the interferon group (P = 0.0175). Conclusions. The control group was not selected at random. Therefore, on the basis of our results, one can say that the treatment of the melanoma patients, Clark levels III and IV, with the r.IFN alpha 2c is promising and that further investigation is justified.

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