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Diagnosis and treatment of liver hydatid disease

Uravić, Miljenko; Štimac, Davor; Lenac, Tea; Ivaniš, Nikola; Petrošić, Nenad; Rubinić, Milivoj; Škarpa, Anton
Diagnosis and treatment of liver hydatid disease // Hepato-gastroenterology, 45 (1998), 24; 2265-2269 (recenziran, članak, stručni)

Diagnosis and treatment of liver hydatid disease

Uravić, Miljenko ; Štimac, Davor ; Lenac, Tea ; Ivaniš, Nikola ; Petrošić, Nenad ; Rubinić, Milivoj ; Škarpa, Anton

Hepato-gastroenterology (0172-6390) 45 (1998), 24; 2265-2269

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Echinococcosis; Mediterranean countries; liver; Hydatid disease

Human echinococcosis is endemic in some areas of the world, including Mediterranean countries. The liver is the most frequent seat of echinococcosis, involved in about 70% of cases. Because there is still no effective medical therapy, surgery remains the treatment of choice. Twenty-seven patients operated on for liver hydatid disease between 1990 and 1995 were analyzed and compared with results obtained from a study undertaken at our clinic between 1960 and 1988. The diagnosis was established by typical case history, clinical features and laboratory tests, of which imaging methods proved most informative. Radical procedures (total pericystectomy and liver resection) seem to be too aggressive for treatment. Marsupialization and drainage were mostly abandoned, because of high morbidity rates. Among surgical procedures used at our clinic, evacuation of the cyst with partial excision of the pericyst and omentoplasty resulted in the lowest morbidity and, thereupon, the shortest post-operative hospital stay and the best clinical results.

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