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Remedy for modernity : experiences of walkers and hikers on Medvednica Mountain

Roberson, Donald, N. Jr.; Babić, Vesna
Remedy for modernity : experiences of walkers and hikers on Medvednica Mountain // Leisure Studies, 28 (2009), 1; 105-112 doi:10.1080/02614360802127219 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Remedy for modernity : experiences of walkers and hikers on Medvednica Mountain

Roberson, Donald, N. Jr. ; Babić, Vesna

Leisure Studies (0261-4367) 28 (2009), 1; 105-112

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Walking; hiking; leisure; nature; qualitative research; Croatia

Modern life is fraught with pressures and demands that compromise and interfere with the needs of the body. Exercising in leisure time offers many well-documented mental and physical benefits to counter the strains of modern life - yet many choose to remain inactive. Our understanding of inactivity can be enhanced by more research into those who do undertake exercise in a variety of forms. The purpose of this study was to understand more about the experience of those who exercise in the natural environment, through hiking and walking on Medvednica Mountain Nature Park near Zagreb, Croatia. To this end we interviewed 122 hikers and walkers on-site, asking general questions about the walking experience on Medvednica. The findings centre around three main experiences: (1) affinity with nature and the outdoors ; (2) mental and physical benefits ; and (3) interaction with others and development of self-knowledge. Overall the participants appeared to have found a simple way to negate the impact of living in modern society. This research suggests that civic organisations should promote walking as a way of life

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E-ISSN: 1466-4496


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034-0342607-2279 - Fiziološke determinante uspješnosti u sportovima izdržljivosti (Davor Šentija, )

Kineziološki fakultet, Zagreb

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Vesna Babić, (214351)

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