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Human Resource Management Practices in Managing Knowledge Workers

Šykir, Martin; Boras, Damir; Bakić-Tomić, Ljubica
Human Resource Management Practices in Managing Knowledge Workers, 2008. (pozvano predavanje).

Human Resource Management Practices in Managing Knowledge Workers

Šykir, Martin ; Boras, Damir ; Bakić-Tomić, Ljubica

Conference Proceedings of the 2nd Special Fokus symposiums on ICESKS: Information, Communication and Economic Sciences in the Knowlwdge Society, november 13th to 14th 2008., Zadar

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Human Resource Management practices; Knowledge Management; knowledge workers.

Abstract What resources are the most important for an organization? That is knowledge and its owners so-called knowledge workers. If an organization wants to be successful, i.e. prosperous, competitive and flexible, its managers must find out an efficient and effective way to manage knowledge workers whose knowledge helps the organization to achieve expected objectives. Knowledge workers may be managed successfully through common and proven Human Resource Management (HRM) practices in job design, recruitment, selection and orientation, performance management, compensation, training and development. These and others HRM practices help the organization and its managers to create conditions for efficient and effective management of workers and their knowledge, including voluntary and mutual creation, sharing and use of knowledge in the organization. The aim of this paper is to apply the theory and practice of Human Resource Management to the theory and practice of Knowledge Management and propose a possible way of using HRM practices in managing knowledge workers and their knowledge in the organization. The paper is written on the basis of available literature and authors’ opinions and experience.

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Filozofski fakultet, Zagreb,
Učiteljski fakultet, Zagreb