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Mechanism of Raman scattering in amorphous silicon

Ivanda, Mile; Gamulin, Ozren; Kiefer, Wolfgang
Mechanism of Raman scattering in amorphous silicon // Journal of molecular structure, 481 (1999), Special issue SI; 651-655 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Mechanism of Raman scattering in amorphous silicon

Ivanda, Mile ; Gamulin, Ozren ; Kiefer, Wolfgang

Journal of molecular structure (0022-2860) 481 (1999), Special issue SI; 651-655

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Amorphous silicon; scattering mechanisms; Boson peak; Raman

The Raman spectra of various amorphous silicon samples (a-Si, a-Si:H and a-Si1-xCx:H) were carefully examined by consideration of the spectrometer transmission function, the background correction, and the Bose-Einstein temperature correction factor. Separating the contributions of the polarizabilities <(alpha)over left right arrow>(1), <(alpha)over left right arrow>(2) and <(alpha)over left right arrow>(3) defined by Alben et al. [R. Alben, D. Weaire, J.E. Smith Jr., M.H. Brodsky, Phys. Rev. 11 (1975) 2271], we have shown that in the Raman scattering process only the components <(alpha)over left right arrow>(1) and <(alpha)over left right arrow>(3) contribute to Raman scattering for all types of amorphous silicon we examined.

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Institut "Ruđer Bošković", Zagreb

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