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Water related risk management

Bonacci, Ognjen
Water related risk management // Proceedings of International Conference Planning and management of water resources / Kastori, Rudolf (ur.).
Novi Sad: Academy of Sciences and Arts of Vojvodina, 2008. str. 129-138 (pozvano predavanje, međunarodna recenzija, cjeloviti rad (in extenso), znanstveni)

Water related risk management

Bonacci, Ognjen

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Proceedings of International Conference Planning and management of water resources / Kastori, Rudolf - Novi Sad : Academy of Sciences and Arts of Vojvodina, 2008, 129-138


International Conference Planning and management of water resources

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Novi Sad, Srbija, 25-27.09.2008.

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Flood; drought; water resources

Water is the topic of the day on the international scene, because of a critical situation in numerous countries and regions. Fresh water is perhaps the single most important resource on Earth. World is faced with growing vulnerability of society to natural and anthropogenic water disasters. The growing frequency and magnitude of extreme environmental events world-wide has intensified research interest in natural disasters as well as regional vulnerability and response capabilities. The rapid alternation of flood and low flow (drought) events during recent years has led to fears that the dynamics of the hydrological cycle has intensified probably as a consequence of global warming. Scientists predicted that in the warmer, wetter world the northern part of the northern hemisphere will likely see more storms, while some continental areas might have drier summers and more risk of drought. Sea level rise fed in part by melt-water from glaciers and ice caps could inundate small islands, flood coastal lowlands, and erode sand dunes. Along with this, extreme high-water levels may occur with increasing frequency. At present international scientific community is faced with an environment ecologically, climatically, geologically, and due to these socially and politically, so fragile and vulnerable to risks of floods, droughts, landslides and water and soil pollution. Now it is hence the decisive moment to start a process of co-ordinated international multi- and inter-disciplinary research and other activities covering knowledge and information exchange. Water relater natural disasters equally affect countries large and small, rich and poor, unrespectable of their political stance, and they present the formidable barriers to national, regional and global development. There is a growing consensus that they must be viewed as a world-wide problem, one that requires concerted global action. Without this social mandate, our scientific and technical progress cannot impart its full benefit to those at risk. While water related natural hazards are not controllable, the scientific community has a greatly improved ability to alter society’ s vulnerability to these hazards by taking countermeasures to reduce their impact. Paper uses holistic approach to water related disasters with special reference to floods and droughts.

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