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Corporate social responsibility in the food industry with an overview of the Republic of Croatia

Cerović, Ljerka; Mudrić, Sanja; Gerbin, Ani
Corporate social responsibility in the food industry with an overview of the Republic of Croatia // Journal of International Scientific Publications, 2 (2008), 347-363 (podatak o recenziji nije dostupan, članak, znanstveni)

Corporate social responsibility in the food industry with an overview of the Republic of Croatia

Cerović, Ljerka ; Mudrić, Sanja ; Gerbin, Ani

Journal of International Scientific Publications (1313-2555) 2 (2008); 347-363

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Corporate social responsibility ; food industry ; regulation ; reporting

The concept of company’s social responsibility implies ethical behaviour of a company towards the community as a whole, which means towards everyone who takes part or is in a way involved in the interests of a company. In practice, social responsibility of a company is considered as its relationship towards different stakeholders, including shareholders, creditors, employees, consumers, suppliers, competitors and many others. The conciliation of these different, sometimes even contrary interests and expectations forms the basis of the concept of corporate social responsibility. Between the late 19th and early 20th centuries the activities related to social responsibility referred mostly to humanitarian donations to local communities and to discussions on human rights. However, after the Second World War and especially in the 1950s in Western Europe and in Japan, the role of the consumers in shaping the corporate behaviour gradually grew stronger. During the 1970s the consideration of environmental issues became significant and in the 1980s the strong global economic and political changes raised the completely new issues related to social responsibility of companies. Consequently, the role of the state gradually became weaker and the new challenges regarding the socially responsible behaviour were brought before the companies. Even though the corporate social responsibility has been considered as a generally accepted concept, its practical applications are determined by various factors, such as social, socioeconomic and geopolitical environment of a company but also by the characteristics of the company's associated industry. This paper investigates corporate social responsibility in the food industry, with an emphasis on the Republic of Croatia.

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Rad je prezentiran na skupu 7th International Symposium "Economy & Business : Economic Development and Growth", održanom od 03.-07.09.2008.g., Sunny Beach, Bugarska ; u organizaciji Info Invest and the Science and Education Foundation.


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081-0811272-1276 - Koncepti i metode troškovnog računovodstva u javnom sektoru Republike Hrvatske (Mira Dimitrić, )

Ekonomski fakultet, Rijeka

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