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The model of the document management system in the public sector

Brumec, Josip; Dobrović, Željko; Tomičić, Martina
The model of the document management system in the public sector // Journal of information and organizational sciences, 30 (2006), 1; 29-46 (podatak o recenziji nije dostupan, članak, znanstveni)

The model of the document management system in the public sector

Brumec, Josip ; Dobrović, Željko ; Tomičić, Martina

Journal of information and organizational sciences (0351-1804) 30 (2006), 1; 29-46

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Document Management System; DMS; public sector; imaging

Modern solutions regarding the use of unstructured information are based on the concept of Content Management (CM), [08] and [09]. This is a good solution for those document contents that will be generated once the CM is in place, but the question remains of what to do with hundreds of millions of documents that have been generated over the course of many years in the public sector. This article analyzes some of the features of the existing document systems in the public sector, and then discusses the needs of business processes reengineering, which are concerned with generating official decisions of relevance for both individual and business end-users. Furthermore, we propose a practically feasible model for the Document Management Systems (DMS) design, based on modern information and communication technologies that can manage and support the use of documents already in the system. In the end, this article takes a look at a general model for the calculation of costs and benefits associated with an introduction of a new DMS.

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016-0161199-2602 - Razvoj metodike za objedinjeno modeliranje poslovnog i informacijskog sustava (Josip Brumec, )

Fakultet organizacije i informatike, Varaždin

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