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Energy absorbing structures for the roadside safety equipment

Živković, Dražen; Bajić, Dražen
Energy absorbing structures for the roadside safety equipment // MATRIB 2008 / Grilec, Krešimir ; Marić, Gojko ; Jakovljević, Suzana (ur.).
Zagreb: Hrvatsko društvo za materijale i tribologiju, 2008. str. 450-461 (pozvano predavanje, domaća recenzija, cjeloviti rad (in extenso), znanstveni)

Energy absorbing structures for the roadside safety equipment

Živković, Dražen ; Bajić, Dražen

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MATRIB 2008 / Grilec, Krešimir ; Marić, Gojko ; Jakovljević, Suzana - Zagreb : Hrvatsko društvo za materijale i tribologiju, 2008, 450-461


International Conference MATRIB 2008

Mjesto i datum
Vela Luka, otok Korčula, Hrvatska, 26. - 28.06.2008

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Roadside structures; crash energy absorbing materials; passive safety

While the majority of automobile crashes involve vehicle-to-vehicle impacts, a number of traffic incidents involve vehicles impacting roadside structures. Leading EU countries had recognized the need for the passive safety improvement of the roadside structures, as an important step to achieve reduction of serious occupant injuries. Existing roadside structures are designed to maximize performance and minimize cost. However, there are still many fatalities and serious injuries on the road networks. The properties improvement of existing roadside equipment and development of new structures, as well as the testing methods, has to be a matter of permanent interest for everyone who deals with road traffic problems. Devastating injury statistic of traffic road accidents with car – roadside structure collision, demands permanent research of better roadside equipment. According to the data of Croatian Ministry of Home Affairs for Split-Dalmatian County, in the period from 2002 to 2003 year, there were 6 fatalities and 28 persons who were seriously injured. The automotive industry makes the great effort to meet more and more rigid norms for the occupant passive safety. These efforts will be fully expressed only with parallel development of roadside infrastructure. The elements of roadside infrastructure have to be designed in manner to absorb as much as possible the kinetic crash energy with predictable elements deformation. These crash conditions will insure more favorable decelerations during the crash, and that means less injury for the car occupants. The aim of this article is to point out that in the Croatia there is also a permanent need for research in the field of roadside equipment, all with main purpose for improvement of the traffic passive safety.

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Projekt / tema
023-0692976-1742 - Istraživanje visokobrzinske obrade materijala (Dražen Bajić, )
120-1201833-1788 - Modificiranje površine izotermički poboljšanog nodularnog lijeva (Vinko Ivušić, )

Fakultet elektrotehnike, strojarstva i brodogradnje, Split