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Evolution and structure of severe cyclonic Bora: contrast between the northern and southern Adriatic

Horvath, Kristian; Ivatek-Šahdan, Stjepan; Ivančan-Picek, Branka; Grubišić, Vanda
Evolution and structure of severe cyclonic Bora: contrast between the northern and southern Adriatic // Weather and Forecasting, 24 (2009), 4; 946-964 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Evolution and structure of severe cyclonic Bora: contrast between the northern and southern Adriatic

Horvath, Kristian ; Ivatek-Šahdan, Stjepan ; Ivančan-Picek, Branka ; Grubišić, Vanda

Weather and Forecasting (0882-8156) 24 (2009), 4; 946-964

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Cyclonic Bora; northern Adraitic; southern Adriatic; Scorer parameter; temperature inversion

While statistical analyses and observations show that severe Bora with maximum gusts exceeding 40 m s-1 can occur in all parts of the Adriatic, the Bora research to date has been mainly focused on the dynamics and structure of severe Bora in the northern Adriatic. Examined to a significantly lesser degree is a less predictable counterpart in the southern Adriatic, where the Dinaric Alps are higher, broader, and steeper, and where the upwind Bora layer is generally less well defined. This study identifies main differences in the sequence of events leading to the onset of Bora in the northern and southern part of the eastern Adriatic, based on a comparative analysis of the evolution and structure of two typical severe cyclonic Bora events, one ?northern? (7-8 November 1999) and one ?southern? (6-7 May 2005) event. The analysis utilizes airborne, radiosonde, and ground-based observations, as well as the hydrostatic ALADIN/HR and non-hydrostatic COAMPS simulations. It is shown that the development of a severe Bora in both the northern and southern Adriatic is dependent on the synoptic setting to create an optimal set of environmental conditions. However, whereas the southern Adriatic Bora is crucially dependent on the presence of a cyclone in the southern Adriatic to give rise to a deep impinging upstream flow that is able to traverse the southern Dinaric Alps and overcome a strong blocking potential there, the cyclonic Bora in the northern Adriatic is less sensitive to the exact position of a cyclone in the Mediterranean. That is true as long as mesoscale conditions are conducive to a strong forcing of the northeasterly low-level jet and pronounced discontinuities in the upstream flow, such as inversions and environmental critical levels, which can significantly modulate Bora behavior. Furthermore, presence of an upper-level jet appears to impede severe Bora development in both the northern and southern Adriatic.

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004-1193086-3036 - Oluje i prirodne katastrofe u Hrvatskoj (Branka Ivančan-Picek, )

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