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Blogs, family, violence and Identity Crisis

Petani, Rozana; Tolić, Mirela; Stoimenova- Canevska, Emilija
Blogs, family, violence and Identity Crisis // Second International Communication Conference, GLOCAL: Blogging-Evolution Treated as Revolution
Skopje, Makedonija, 2008. (predavanje, neobjavljeni rad, znanstveni)

Blogs, family, violence and Identity Crisis

Petani, Rozana ; Tolić, Mirela ; Stoimenova- Canevska, Emilija

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Second International Communication Conference, GLOCAL: Blogging-Evolution Treated as Revolution

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Skopje, Makedonija, 8-10. 05. 2008.

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: media; violence; adolescents; family role; media and family education; gestalt therapy

The topic of this paper is deeply rooted in actual problems of postmodern society that is marked by unprecedented development of information and communication technology. Through new media especially internet, bloggs, video games etc. the communication that develops, links the world of the change and innovation. That world exactly, is the world where we witness the new needs of the young generation. That need although appears as something already seen: a need for information, innovation, communication pleasure, now has a double meaning. On one hand it turns unimportant to important, unknown to well known, that supports the educational process, but on the another hand it promotes violence. Because of that we state: the prevalence of the violence in the media (blogging especially) correlates with the probability of appearing of identity crisis. This allows us to point to the importance of the media education and family education. In the here and now, the media which is one of the most important agents of socialization, influences family as a whole as well as its members. The parents should be supported to retain their role as educators. In this article we are citing examples from different research projects connected with blogging that promote violence e.g. like killer video games. Keeping in mind that media violence is seen through indoctrination, lie, discrimination, insults and racial and gender segregation, that the youngsters encounter daily ; we can see that through uncontrolled exposure to such violence the youngsters are loosing their personal values and qualities in the long run. Our argument is that one of the possibilities for preventing too much exposure to media violence, especially through bloggs, is media education, family education and gestalt therapy.

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130-1301761-1772 - Nove paradigme ranog odgoja (Dubravka Maleš, )

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