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Priority measures of improving level crossings safety

Badanjak, Dragan; Barić, Danijela; Novačko, Luka
Priority measures of improving level crossings safety // TRANSPORT POLICY / Marina Zanne, Daša Fabjan, Peter Jenček (ur.).
Portorož: Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport, 2008. str. B11-B20 (predavanje, međunarodna recenzija, cjeloviti rad (in extenso), znanstveni)

Priority measures of improving level crossings safety

Badanjak, Dragan ; Barić, Danijela ; Novačko, Luka

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Radovi u zbornicima skupova, cjeloviti rad (in extenso), znanstveni

TRANSPORT POLICY / Marina Zanne, Daša Fabjan, Peter Jenček - Portorož : Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport, 2008, B11-B20


11th International Conference on Transport Science

Mjesto i datum
Portorož, Slovenija, 28- 29.05.2008

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Level crossings; priority measures; education of traffic participants; safety

A railroad crossing is a place of direct contact between rail and road traffic that may be designed as level or level-separated crossing. Every railroad crossing is protected in accordance with the stipulated legal regulations, and the level of protection depends primarily on the railway line and road category. From the safety aspect, level crossings represent high risk traffic points since they are places at which emergencies frequently occur, such as traffic incidents and accidents that result in fatalities and great material damage. Such emergencies represent an actual problem of traffic safety which is characteristic not only for Croatia, but for the traffic systems of other countries as well. According to statistics, the drivers of road vehicles, as well as pedestrians are most often those who cause such emergencies, indicating their extremely low level of complying with the traffic regulations. This is also confirmed by the data on a large number of accidents or avoided accidents at crossings with the highest level of protection. Therefore, the behaviour of traffic participants represents the main cause of traffic accidents at level crossings. Thus, apart from technical solutions regarding crossings, systemic activities are very important and they include education of drivers and pedestrians with the aim of raising their traffic discipline and culture, as well as stricter measures of road traffic controls and adequate sanctioning of drivers, with the influence of media playing a very important role here. With the data on the safety condition at level crossings in the Republic of Croatia, the paper presents the experiences of the developed countries, and their national programs of traffic safety, which include the inevitable special campaigns and activities with special focus on the education of traffic participants, as an essential element of reducing the traffic accidents at level crossings, with the aim of improving traffic safety.

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Tehnologija prometa i transport


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135-1352339-2341 - Modeliranje komplementarnog razvoja transportnih modula (Borna Abramović, )

Fakultet prometnih znanosti, Zagreb