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Europske javne politike i Jugoistočna Europa

Petak, Zdravko
Europske javne politike i Jugoistočna Europa // Međunarodni ljetni seminar NATO - prošlost, sadašnjost, budućnost
Šipan, Hrvatska, 2007. (predavanje, nije recenziran, neobjavljeni rad, ostalo)

Europske javne politike i Jugoistočna Europa
(European Public Policies and Southeastern Europe)

Petak, Zdravko

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Sažeci sa skupova, neobjavljeni rad, ostalo

Međunarodni ljetni seminar NATO - prošlost, sadašnjost, budućnost

Mjesto i datum
Šipan, Hrvatska, 27.08.-2.09.2007

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Europeizacija; europske javne politike; proces kreiranja politika; jugoistočna Europa
(Europeanization; European public policies; policy-making process; South-East Europe)

The impact of European public policies on South East Europe is currently covered by general framework of the Stabilization and Association Process (SAP), as a sort of the European toolkit for the Western Balkan countries. It is pointed out that the impact of Europeanization in would-be countries decisively depends on two basic factors: the precision and certitude of EU requirements and degree of political will and institutional capacity by particular countries to implement specific policies. In trying to understand the possible impact of EU policy-making on national administrative structures and public policy regimes it is very helpfully to connect patterns of governance with particular types of policies. In the article is developed approach based on Radaelli’ s analytical matrix which distinguishes in turn four types of governance: governance by negotiation, governance by hierarchy with positive and negative integration as two sub variants, and facilitated coordination. The paper shows that policy terrain of the region of SEE countries is characterized by presence of multitude of actors, which are extremely complex and contextual. The basic consequence of such a finding is that the analytical matrix for analyzing the impact of EU policies in the SEE region can be applied with limited scope. The paper also stresses the lack of studies devoted on Europeanization of SEE which are written in standard policy science jargon.

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015-0152481-2477 - Hrvatski politički sustav, upravljanje i javne politike (Zdravko Petak, )

Fakultet političkih znanosti, Zagreb

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Zdravko Petak, (126985)