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Predictions of absorption bands for RbCs on helium clusters

Beuc, Robert; Movre, Mladen; Horvatić, Berislav; Pichler, Goran
Predictions of absorption bands for RbCs on helium clusters // Chemical physics letters, 435 (2007), 236-241 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Predictions of absorption bands for RbCs on helium clusters

Beuc, Robert ; Movre, Mladen ; Horvatić, Berislav ; Pichler, Goran

Chemical physics letters (0009-2614) 435 (2007); 236-241

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Absorption spectroscopy

We calculated the form of absorption bands of RbCs molecules attached to the surface of cold helium droplets. The influence of the helium cluster was taken into account by treating the cluster as a finite-size cryostat and by anticipating the broadening effects which yield continuum bands. Thus, only the lowest vibrational wave functions of the lowest singlet and triplet electronic states were taken into account. The calculations are limited to the Hund’ s coupling case a, with neglected spin– orbit interaction and assuming constant transition-dipole-moment functions, which can serve as the first approximation to be compared with future experimental results.

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035-0352851-2857 - Femtosekundna laserska fizika atoma i molekula (Goran Pichler, )
035-0352851-3213 - Fizika atoma i molekula u ekstremnim uvjetima (Robert Beuc, )

Institut za fiziku, Zagreb

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