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Cultivars yielding ability in different Croatian environments

Dvojković, Krešimir; Drezner, Georg; Horvat, Daniela; Novoselović, Dario; Španić, Valentina
Cultivars yielding ability in different Croatian environments // Cereal Research Communications, 36 (2008), Suppl. 5 Part 2; 1371-1374 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Cultivars yielding ability in different Croatian environments

Dvojković, Krešimir ; Drezner, Georg ; Horvat, Daniela ; Novoselović, Dario ; Španić, Valentina

Cereal Research Communications (0133-3720) 36 (2008), Suppl. 5 Part 2; 1371-1374

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Radovi u časopisima, članak, znanstveni

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Wheat; cultivar; yield; environments

Information about cultivar yielding ability and some other important agronomic traits in trials over years and locations are valuable piece in precision farming puzzle, for breeders and producers booth. Consequently, with that aim field trials with seven cultivars of winter wheat (representing about 40% of production share in Croatia) were set up as RCB design with three repetitions and two seeding rates (600 kernels/m2-usual in production and 330 kernels/m2-reduced) at four different sites with specific environmental conditions. Precision information about grain yield, test weight and thousand kernel weight were obtained. Significant differences for all traits were found among cultivars (C), years (Y), environments (E) and seeding rates (SR) (except for test weight), as well as for interactions CxY, CxE, YxE and CxYxE, while interaction YxExSR significantly influenced test and thousand kernel weight. The highest average grain yields at 600 kernels/m2 seeding rate and test weights were realized at Osijek and Tovarnik, while Nova Gradiska was environment with the highest thousand kernel weight. The same trend among environments has been reached for all traits at 330 kernels/m2 seeding rate, but at the lower grain yield and at the higher thousand kernel weight level. The best results were realized in 2006. The most yielding cultivars in both seeding rates were Alka, Srpanjka and Panonka. Cultivars Super Zitarka and Janica showed the highest test weight, while Panonka and Super Zitarka had highest thousand kernel weight.

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Poljoprivreda (agronomija)


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073-0730718-0598 - Razvoj nove germplazme u oplemenjivanju kvantitativnih svojstava pšenice (Georg Drezner, )

Poljoprivredni institut Osijek

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