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Influence of different soil tillage systems on yield of maize

Jug, Danijel; Stipešević, Bojan; Jug, Irena; Šamota, Davor; Vukadinović, Vesna
Influence of different soil tillage systems on yield of maize // Cereal Research Communications, 35 (2007), 2 Part 1; 557-560 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Influence of different soil tillage systems on yield of maize

Jug, Danijel ; Stipešević, Bojan ; Jug, Irena ; Šamota, Davor ; Vukadinović, Vesna

Cereal Research Communications (0133-3720) 35 (2007), 2 Part 1; 557-560

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Radovi u časopisima, članak, znanstveni

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Maize; tillage

Maize is one of the most important crops in Croatia, especially for the Panonian part - Slavonia and Baranja region, which is producing, in average, 30% of total maize production in the country (Kovacevic and Josipovic, 1998). The practice is mainly conventional, based on standard soil tillage including ploughing as primary tillage operation, which is the most expensive, slow, with high demands for fuel and labour. Also, it can be ecologically unfavourable and non-sustainable. Meanwhile, in the latest twenty years the knowledge about soil tillage in Croatia and its vicinity (Birkas and Gyuricza, 2000) has been changed, as in many countries in the world, toward simplification, reduced, rational tillage, which was the subject of research by Croatian authors, for instance Zugec (1984), Culjat and Tabakovic (1991) and Jug et al. (2006). Diskharrowing or chiselling, as a primary tillage operation, was not researched thoroughly enough, especially in the light of other reduced tillage systems, such as no-till, where equipment price of special no-till planters and heavier tractors can be limit for average farmers, especially in the changing climate conditions, as emphasised by Dobo et al. (2006). The scope of this paper was to optimise soil tillage for maize in longer period of time.

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079-0790462-0575 - Reducirana obrada tla i gnojidba za pšenicu i soju u sjeveroistočnoj Hrvatskoj (Ivan Žugec, )
079-0790462-2199 - Postrni usjevi u ekološkom ratarenju (Bojan Stipešević, )
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