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Layout Planning Using the INFAP System

Veža, Ivica; Bajić, Dražen; Pavić, Ivan
Layout Planning Using the INFAP System // Proceedings of the IASTED International Conference / Hamza, M. H. (ur.).
Pittsburgh, USA: IASTED, 1997. str. 391-394 (predavanje, međunarodna recenzija, cjeloviti rad (in extenso), znanstveni)

Layout Planning Using the INFAP System

Veža, Ivica ; Bajić, Dražen ; Pavić, Ivan

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Radovi u zbornicima skupova, cjeloviti rad (in extenso), znanstveni

Proceedings of the IASTED International Conference / Hamza, M. H. - : IASTED, 1997, 391-394

Modelling and Simulation

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Pittsburgh, USA, 15-17.05.1997

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Plant layout; simulation; manufacturing system

In order to be competitive in the world market a production system should meet the requirements of delivering to the customers high-quality products, within a strictly defined term, and at lower prices. Due to production of an increasing number of product types as well as permanent introduction of innovations, there is an increase in complexity of both production systems and their design. Complex production systems are designed using the modern optimization methods, particularly the simulation method. Simulation is necessary for the analysis of time flow of the production process and for the choice of optimum solutions for the designed production systems. The paper describes a layout planning using INFAP (INteractive FAcility Planning) system, including the analysis of a production program, the segmentation of a production system, optimization of a plant layout, simulation using the SIMPLE++, and utilization of production tools. The characteristic feature of the system developed is its application in flexible manufacturing structures.

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Fakultet elektrotehnike, strojarstva i brodogradnje, Split