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Maritime English instruction - ensuring instructors' competence

Cole, Clive; Pritchard, Boris; Trenkner, Peter
Maritime English instruction - ensuring instructors' competence // Iberica, Rivista de la Associacion Europea de Lenguas Para Fines Especificos, 14 (2007), 123-148 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Maritime English instruction - ensuring instructors' competence

Cole, Clive ; Pritchard, Boris ; Trenkner, Peter

Iberica, Rivista de la Associacion Europea de Lenguas Para Fines Especificos (1139-7241) 14 (2007); 123-148

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Maritime English; types of Maritime English instructor; linguistic aspects of Mariitme English; registers

More than ninety percent of global trade is carried by sea. As a result it “ has fostered an interdependency and inter-connectivity between peoples who would previously have considered themselves completely unconnected” (Mitropoulos 2005). For the maritime industry which facilitates this activity, it is essential that a common working language, namely English, is competently used to safeguard the ship, its crew and the environment in which it sails. This presupposes that the graduates of maritime academies are well prepared and that their mentors are qualified to perform the task required by the international regulations. This article attempts to summarise a 2-year research project, funded by the International Association of Maritime Universities and completed by the authors in 2006, entitled “ Profiling the Maritime English Instructor” . It categorizes and describes the various types of Maritime English instructors presently employed at higher Maritime Education and Training (MET) institutions worldwide, defines the requirements regarding their professional qualifications in the areas of applied linguistics, methodology and the minimum maritime background knowledge demanded by the relevant international legislation, and thus provides a guideline for management and prospective instructors.

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112-1300619-2663 - Prijevodna studija engleskih i hrvatskih institucionalnih tekstova u pomorstvu (Boris Pritchard, )

Pomorski fakultet, Rijeka

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Boris Pritchard, (90522)

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