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Izvještaj o implementaciji pravne stečevine Europske Unije za obnovljive izvore energije za ugovorne strane u energetskoj zajednici

Bašić, Hubert; Domac, Julije; Horvath, Laszlo; Jelavić, Branka; Kojaković, Ana; Kulišić, Biljana; Matić, Zdeslav; Prebeg, Filip; Šegon, Velimir
Izvještaj o implementaciji pravne stečevine Europske Unije za obnovljive izvore energije za ugovorne strane u energetskoj zajednici, 2007. (studija).

Izvještaj o implementaciji pravne stečevine Europske Unije za obnovljive izvore energije za ugovorne strane u energetskoj zajednici
(Report On The Implementation Of The Acquis On Renewables In The Energy Community Contracting Parties - Final Report)

Bašić, Hubert ; Domac, Julije ; Horvath, Laszlo ; Jelavić, Branka ; Kojaković, Ana ; Kulišić, Biljana ; Matić, Zdeslav ; Prebeg, Filip ; Šegon, Velimir


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Ostale vrste radova, studija


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Obnovljivi izvori energije
(Renewable energy sources)

Background This document contains the Final Report related to the work on the contract entitled as the "Report on the Implementation of the Acquis on Renewables in the Energy Community Contracting Parties". The contract has been signed between the Energy Community Secretariat from one side and the Energy Institute Hrvoje Pozar from the other. The Final Report follows the Interim Report and Draft Final Report, which were phases in accomplishing the conditions of the aforementioned contract. The Final Report is produced as the outcome of the contract once the Energy Community Secretariat completed internal reviewing procedure and verified the findings and recommendations in cooperation with the Contracting Parties. Objective The objective of the Report is to address in a single framework of the acquis on renewables as given per the Treaty establishing the Energy Community (the Treaty) specific tasks which should be realised by the Contracting Parties, asses the existing and future barriers and propose means for overcoming. The Report elaborates and evaluates individual plans of the Contracting Parties to implement Directives 2001/77/EC and 2003/30/EC from the acquis. It outlines in a structured and integrated way the most important items from the Directives which need to be implemented by the Contracting Parties, directly building on provisions of the two Directives. Scope Significant potential has been recognized for renewable energy development in the Contracting Parties, mainly due to the abundance of hydro and solar resources in most of them. Other energy potential such as wind and geothermal have not been explored sufficiently, despite a number of pilot projects in almost all of the Contracting Parties conducted through international donors programs or directly by the governments of the EU Member States. Utilisation of biomass in CHP and co-firing thermal plants should be further explored in all of the Contracting Parties where the biomass potential exists. Biofuels have a potential in agriculture oriented countries such as Croatia and Serbia. Methodology The first step represents collection of the information on energy sector data and in particular on the implementation, completion timeframe, and reference documents/status of the action regarding the implementation of the following EU Directives:  2001/77/EC on the promotion of electricity produced from renewable energy sources in the internal electricity market and  2003/30/EC on the promotion of the use of biofuels or other renewable fuels for transport. The collection of information was focused on publicly available data, but the Contracting Parties and their respective national responsible authorities were also contacted in order to validate the collected data and provide the most relevant ones for each particular Contracting Party. In addition, information have been gathered from implemented and ongoing EC research projects within the Sixth Framework Programme and other relevant sources. Based on the collected information, in the second step the current situation is reviewed, the implementation plans for the RES-E and Biofuels Directives are evaluated, all findings are reported and recommendations are made for future actions and plans in order to assist the Contracting Parties to reform and strengthen their RES energy sector.

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068-0682094-2091 - Prilog istraživanju korištenja šumske biomase (Stjepan Risović, )
201-2012298-1423 - Obnovljivi izvori u funkciji gospodarskog razvitka (Julije Domac, )

Šumarski fakultet, Zagreb,
Energetski institut