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Marine molecular biology : An emerging field of biological sciences

Thakur, Narsinh L.; Jain, Roopesh; Natalio, Filipe; Hamer, Bojan; Thakur, Archana N.; Muller, Werner E. G.
Marine molecular biology : An emerging field of biological sciences // Biotechnology Advances, 26 (2008), 3; 233-245 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Marine molecular biology : An emerging field of biological sciences

Thakur, Narsinh L. ; Jain, Roopesh ; Natalio, Filipe ; Hamer, Bojan ; Thakur, Archana N. ; Muller, Werner E. G.

Biotechnology Advances (0734-9750) 26 (2008), 3; 233-245

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Marine biology; molecular biology; marine microbiology; marine natural products; marine ecology; fisheries

An appreciation of the potential applications of molecular biology is of growing importance in many areas of life sciences, including marine biology. During the past two decades, the development of sophisticated molecular technologies and instruments for biomedical research has resulted in significant advances in the biological sciences. However, the value of molecular techniques for addressing problems in marine biology has only recently begun to be cherished. It has been proved that the exploitation of molecular biological techniques will allow difficult research questions about marine organisms and ocean processes to be addressed. Marine molecular biology is a discipline, which strives to define and solve the problems regarding the sustainable exploration of marine life for human health and welfare, through the cooperation between scientists working in marine biology, molecular biology, microbiology and chemistry disciplines. Several success stories of the applications of molecular techniques in the field of marine biology are guiding further research in this area. In this review different molecular techniques are discussed, which have application in marine microbiology, marine invertebrate biology, marine ecology, marine natural products, material sciences, fisheries, conservation & bio-invasion etc. In summary, if marine biologists and molecular biologists continue to work towards strong partnership during the next decade and recognize intellectual and technological advantages and benefits of such partnership, an exciting new frontier of marine molecular biology will emerge in future.

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098-0982705-2724 - Učinak zagađenja na programirane biosinteze morskih beskralješnjaka (Renato Batel, )
098-0982705-2727 - Procesi biomineralizacije morskih organizama (Davorin Medaković, )

Institut "Ruđer Bošković", Zagreb

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Bojan Hamer, (218875)

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