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Raman study of damage processes in Si+-implanted GaAs

Ivanda, Mile; Desnica, Uroš V.; Haynes, T. E.; Hartmann, Ingo; Kiefer, Wolfgang
Raman study of damage processes in Si+-implanted GaAs // Journal of Molecular Structure, 348 (1995), 33-36 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Raman study of damage processes in Si+-implanted GaAs

Ivanda, Mile ; Desnica, Uroš V. ; Haynes, T. E. ; Hartmann, Ingo ; Kiefer, Wolfgang

Journal of Molecular Structure (0022-2860) 348 (1995); 33-36

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Raman spectroscopy; ion implatation; GaAs

Ion-induced damage in GaAs as a function of ion dose following'100 keV Si' implants has been investigated by Raman spectroscopy. A new approach for decomposition of Raman scattering intensity on to the crystalline and amorphous phase components has been used in analysis of Raman spectra. With increasing ion dose the following was observed: a) the widths of vibrational bands of a-phase signrfrcantly increase, while the width of the LO(T) phonon band of c-phase remains unchanged ; b) the longitudinal optical phonon band of cphase completely dissappears, while the transverse optical phonon mode evolves in to a new band of a-phase ; c) the wavenumbers of all vibrational bands of a- and c-phase shift to lower values by - 10-15 cm". A number of mechanisms possibly accountable for these shifts were analysed and evaluated.

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Institut "Ruđer Bošković", Zagreb

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Mile Ivanda, (135746)
Uroš Desnica, (9386)

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