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Croatian Tourism within a Globalizing Tourism Market

Mrnjavac, Edna; Berc Radišić, Branka; Pavia, Nadia
Croatian Tourism within a Globalizing Tourism Market // The Reality and Dilemmas og Globalization / Dobrowolski, Krzysztof ; Žurek, Janusz (ur.).
Gdansk: The Foundation for the Development of Gdansk University, Poland,, 2007. str. 261-270

Croatian Tourism within a Globalizing Tourism Market

Mrnjavac, Edna ; Berc Radišić, Branka ; Pavia, Nadia

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The Reality and Dilemmas og Globalization

Dobrowolski, Krzysztof ; Žurek, Janusz

The Foundation for the Development of Gdansk University, Poland,



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Tourism, tourist offer, tourist destination, traffic in tourism, marketing

In coastal tourism zone a concentration of infrastructure and superstructure, as well as tourists′ and traffic flows is present, leading to a selected tourism offer. On this limited area traffic infrastructure and transportation means are present, as a consequence of different modes of traffic involved in tourism needs satisfaction, such as: connecting emitive market with tourist destination, traffic organisation on local level in the destination, and traffic in function of increasing destination attractiveness. For tourism is opportune tourist marketing. This is business philosophy that brings together a supply and demand on the market. Croatian tourism is developing suddenly. To this effect marketing managers define marketing strategy and tactics. It is not possible to design an attractive tourist product or its acceptable placement on the market without preliminary research. The hotel industry has the great influence on the development of tourism. As receptive activity, hotel industry entertains tourists enabling them the rest and amusement. The aim of the hotel enterprises is to satisfy tourist demand, i.e. to create qualitative offer, which will satisfy the needs and wishes of the users of the offer, and to increase tourist consumption. Taking into consideration, the importance of such tourism offer in which traffic infrastructure, marketing activities and hotel industry act as elements of tourism product, in this paper, the actual situation will be analyzed and prospects for the future will be defined.

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116-1352598-2487 - Upravljanje logističkim procesima u turističkoj destinaciji (Edna Mrnjavac, )

Fakultet za menadžment u turizmu i ugostiteljstvu, Opatija