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Evaluation of Terrain Vehicles Mobility

Mikulić, Dinko; Marušić, Željko; Stojković, Vjekoslav
Evaluation of Terrain Vehicles Mobility // Strojarstvo, 48 (2006), 5-6; 309-319 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Evaluation of Terrain Vehicles Mobility

Mikulić, Dinko ; Marušić, Željko ; Stojković, Vjekoslav

Strojarstvo (0562-1887) 48 (2006), 5-6; 309-319

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Terrain vehicles; vehicle mobility; soil trafficability; MMP pr

Mobility is one of the key characteristics of modern armed forces. Mobility of land forces is based on terrain vehicles ; because of that they are one of the main acquisition priorities for Croatian Armed Forces. Therefore, there is a need for evaluation and determination of vehicle mobility. Mobility of military vehicles is defined through soil trafficability, average speed and vehicle autonomy. Vehicle mobility evaluation is based on research of soil trafficability in regard to the ability of vehicle use and research of dynamic vehicle performances, and their comparison between different military vehicles. It was determined that the soil trafficability model based on mean maximum pressure (MMP) is suitable for direct comparison of vehicles of different design. NATO VCI soil trafficability model includes number of different parameters and empirical equations, enabling acceptable vehicle mobility assessment. Both indicators are enabling mutual correlation and verification of the vehicle mobility on coherent soil, including multiple passes. Also, environmental acceptability is estimated in relation to wheel sinkage. During the vehicle development or acquisition, MMP and VCI are basic technical requirements and basis for determination of detailed vehicle specifications. Based on MMP and VCI requirements, some vehicle key design parameters can be determined. Comparison of wheeled vehicles based on soil trafficability will first determine vehicle mass and environmental acceptability, and after that the other design parameters for terrain vehicles.

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Strojarstvo, Tehnologija prometa i transport, Temeljne tehničke znanosti


Fakultet strojarstva i brodogradnje, Zagreb,
Fakultet prometnih znanosti, Zagreb,
Brodarski institut d.o.o.

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