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The Aging Process - An Analysis of the Latent Structure of Body Morphology (in Males)

Živičnjak, Miroslav; Szirovicza, Lajos; Pavičić, Leo; Smolej Narančić, Nina; Janićijević, Branka; Miličić, Jasna; Rudan, Pavao
The Aging Process - An Analysis of the Latent Structure of Body Morphology (in Males) // Collegium Antropologicum, 21 (1997), 1; 117-126 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

The Aging Process - An Analysis of the Latent Structure of Body Morphology (in Males)

Živičnjak, Miroslav ; Szirovicza, Lajos ; Pavičić, Leo ; Smolej Narančić, Nina ; Janićijević, Branka ; Miličić, Jasna ; Rudan, Pavao

Collegium Antropologicum (0350-6134) 21 (1997), 1; 117-126

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Aging process; body morphology; factor analysis; population genetics; anthropology

The morphological characteristics (20 anthropometric variables) of a total of 2, 351 examinees (from the age of 18 to 90) were analyzed by a model of main components of the factor analysis. Four factors were extracted that explain 71.4% of the total variance. The factors - "general body voluminosity", "subcutaneous fat tissue", "longitudinal body dimensionality" and "upper body voluminosity" - were analyzed within the context of their appearance in different well-determined cohorts. The differences between cohorts (groups per ten years of age) were studied by the canonical discriminant analysis. The first two discriminant functions (describing mostly the variability of the cohort growth - 96.11%) indicate a constant decrease of body and sitting height, and an increase of upper body voluminosity till the fourth age cohort as the most crucial one in the change of the latent morphological structure. The results of the correct classification of cohort members showed that only 48.45% of probands were correctly placed (the best classification was determined in the age between 46 and 55 years) indicating that in males, at least three different groups exist according to the specificity of morphological aging in human organisms.

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