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The Fluorescence of Sunprotected Cationized White Cotton Fabrics

Grancarić, Anamarija; Tarbuk, Anita; Bišćan, Jasenka
The Fluorescence of Sunprotected Cationized White Cotton Fabrics, 2007. (članak).

The Fluorescence of Sunprotected Cationized White Cotton Fabrics

Grancarić, Anamarija ; Tarbuk, Anita ; Bišćan, Jasenka

Textile Review : 2 (10) 212-216

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Ključne riječi
Cotton; fluorescence; whiteness; cationization

Beside the vital and powerful role of sun in our everyday lives the overdose of UV radiation on skin can lead to potential skin damage from exposure to the sun's ray. Compare with visible light that interacts with dyes UV radiation interacts with ultraviolet absorbers and fluorescent whitening agents. Middle UV-rays (UV-B region,  =280-315 nm) causes acute and chronic reactions and damages such as skin reddening or increased risk for other diseases. For such reason it is important to protect the people from the ultraviolet radiation falling on garments and sun-screening textiles such as tends. The level of such protection of fabric depends of a large number of factors as the type of fibre, porosity, density, moisture, colour and FWA in the case of white textiles. In this paper cationized cotton fabric was treated with UV reactive absorber on the base of oxalanilide, Tinofast CEL, by exhaust method to improve the UV protection of fabric. For optical brightening three stilben derivates as fluorescence whitening agents (FWA) were used in wide concentration range. Remission spectrophoto-meter SF 600 PLUS CT (Datacolor) was used for measuring CIE whiteness and Yellowing Index according to DIN 6167 Description of yellowing of practically white or practically colourless materials. UV protection was determined through Ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) using transmission spectrophotometer Cary 50 Solarscreen (Varian) according AS/NZS 4399:1996 Sun Protective Clothing: evaluation and classification. The relative intensity of fluorescence was determined using Carl-Zeiss Fluorometer. The aim of the paper was to study the FWA's fluorescence changes of sun protected cationized white cotton fabric.

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117-1252971-1367 - Međupovršinske pojave aktivnih multifunkcijskih tekstilnih materijala (Anamarija Grancarić, )

Tekstilno-tehnološki fakultet, Zagreb