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Genetic-Algorithm-Based Method for Ship Extreme Behavior Assessment

Prpić-Oršić, Jasna; Turk, Anton; Dejhalla, Roko
Genetic-Algorithm-Based Method for Ship Extreme Behavior Assessment // Naval engineers journal, 124 (2012), 3; 75-84 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Genetic-Algorithm-Based Method for Ship Extreme Behavior Assessment

Prpić-Oršić, Jasna ; Turk, Anton ; Dejhalla, Roko

Naval engineers journal (0028-1425) 124 (2012), 3; 75-84

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Genetic-Algorithm; Ship Extreme Behavior; Extreme Sea State

Within the past decade the need for reliable extreme wave climate data has increased significantly as a consequence of increased ship and offshore object development. This is of importance in the design of all marine structures to be able to withstand extreme environmental loadings. Typically, a structure must be designed to withstand, with some margin of safety, that wave loading which is expected to be exceeded once in every fifty or hundred years. In order to achieve it the concept of a random process extreme value must be examined. The process of extrapolation plays a fundamental role in this area of analysis and therefore it is essential to fit empirically a convenient probability distribution that describes the available data as closely as possible. Estimation of extreme values probability distribution parameters by genetic algorithm is applied to improve the methodology of extreme values prediction. Illustrative applications of the method are given for a North Atlantic sea environment. The results are presented as crest height maximum values occurring with a given probability or in a design storm that has a specified return period. The time series of ship response at most severe storm in 50 years are given.

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069-0691736-1667 - Numeričko modeliranje hidrodinamičkog opterećenja i odziva pomorskih objekata (Jasna Prpić-Oršić, )
120-1201703-1672 - Dinamika gibanja i opterećenje pučinskih objekata (Većeslav Čorić, )

Tehnički fakultet, Rijeka,
Fakultet strojarstva i brodogradnje, Zagreb

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