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OPERA resistive plate chambers underground test results

Bergnoli, A.; Brugnera, R.; Candela, A.; Carrara, E.; Ciesielski, R.; Dal Corso, F.; Degli Esposti, L.; Di Giovanni, A.; D'Incecco, M.; Di Troia, C. et al.
OPERA resistive plate chambers underground test results // Nuclear Physics B - Proceedings Supplements, 158 (2006), 35-39 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

OPERA resistive plate chambers underground test results

Bergnoli, A. ; Brugnera, R. ; Candela, A. ; Carrara, E. ; Ciesielski, R. ; Dal Corso, F. ; Degli Esposti, L. ; Di Giovanni, A. ; D'Incecco, M. ; Di Troia, C. ; Dusini, S. ; Fanin, C. ; Felici, G. ; Gambarara, A. ; Garfagnini, A. ; Gatta, M. ; Grianti, F. ; Gustavino, C. ; Lindozzi, M. ; Longhin, A. ; Mengucci, A. ; Monacelli, P. ; Paoloni, A. ; Stanco, L. ; Tatananni, E. ; Terranova, F. ; Spinetti, M. ; Stipčević, Mario ; Sugonyaev, V. ; Terminiello, L. ; Ventura, M. ; Votano, L.

Nuclear Physics B - Proceedings Supplements (0920-5632) 158 (2006); 35-39

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Resistive plate; chambers; underground

The OPERA experiment [1] will study nu(mu)->nu(tau) oscillations through tau appearance on the 732 Km long CERN to Gran Sasso baseline. The magnet yokes of the two muon spectrometers are instrumented with 44 layers of high resistivity bakelite Resistive Plate Chambers (RPCs) operated in streamer mode. Each layer covers about 70 m(2). Four RPC planes were instrumented and the first tests were performed confirming a good behaviour of the installed RPCs in terms of intrinsic noise and operating currents. The measured noise maps agree with those obtained in the extensive quality tests performed at surface. Counting rates are below 20 Hz/m(2). Single and multiple cosmic muon tracks were also reconstructed. The estimated efficiency is close to the geometrical limit and the very first measurements of the absolute and differential muon flux are in agreement with expectations.

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Institut "Ruđer Bošković", Zagreb

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Mario Stipčević, (180974)

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