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Child's Well-being and Marital Stability in Croatia

Čudina-Obradović, Mira; Obradović, Josip
Child's Well-being and Marital Stability in Croatia // Journal of Comparative Family studies, 32 (2001), 4-5; 247-261 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Child's Well-being and Marital Stability in Croatia

Čudina-Obradović, Mira ; Obradović, Josip

Journal of Comparative Family studies (0047-2328) 32 (2001), 4-5; 247-261

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Child's well-being; parental divorce; parental marital stability; child's mood instability

The research was performed in Croatia, a country differing in social value system from the USA, to test how parental marriage stability, gender of the child and birth order affect child's emotional reactions or child's well - being. 770 couples with their children were included in the study. Couples were divided into 3 groups: intact (N = 234), impaired (N = 266) and divorced (N = 261). Altogether 1163 children were included in the study. ANOVA results showed that parental marriage stability affects child's mood instability, frequency of depressive symptoms and difficulties in interaction with others. Boys reacted differently from girls and birth order did not affect emotional reactions of children.

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Institut društvenih znanosti Ivo Pilar, Zagreb

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