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USA-Croatian Cooperation in Education and Training for Public Administration in Croatia

Cozzens, Thomas A.; Blažić, Helena; Kaštelan Mrak, Marija
USA-Croatian Cooperation in Education and Training for Public Administration in Croatia // Uprava/Administration, 4 (2007), 4; 77-98 (podatak o recenziji nije dostupan, članak, stručni)

USA-Croatian Cooperation in Education and Training for Public Administration in Croatia

Cozzens, Thomas A. ; Blažić, Helena ; Kaštelan Mrak, Marija

Uprava/Administration (1581-7555) 4 (2007), 4; 77-98

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Public administration; education; MPA; Croatia; USA

For the past six years the Unger International Centre for Local Government Leadership in the Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio USA, has been collaborating with the Faculty of Economics, University of Rijeka and USAID's Local Government Reform Project to advance education and in-service training for local government officials in Croatia. The Maxine Goodman Levin College at CSU has ranked second in the nation for its specialties in City Management and Urban Policy by U.S. News and World Report's America's Best Graduate Schools, 2001, 2003 and 2005. The objective of the proposed paper is to present an in-depth review and analysis of the collaboration between the Unger International Centre for Local Government Leadership, its Croatian academic colleagues and the Local Government Reform Project focused on its successes and challenges and the application of lessons learned to the future of public administration education, training and professional development in South East Europe. With the support of a USAID University Partnership Grant, the Unger Centre assisted the Faculty of Economics, University of Rijeka in the design, curriculum development and delivery of a master's degree programme in public administration focused on local government management. The first class completed the lectures in September 2006. More than 30 students are currently enrolled in the programme. The curriculum for this programme is now in conformance with the European Union Standards (Bologna Accords). The collaboration included visits of University of Rijeka professors to the Levin College to develop curriculum and visits of Levin College professors to Rijeka to team-teach courses with their colleagues. Development and delivery of the programme also included participation of professors from the Faculty of Administration, University of Ljubljana, as well as other professors from the University of Rijeka (Faculty of Law, Faculty of Philosophy). Additionally, the Unger Centre has been working with USAID's Local Government Reform Project and several Croatian universities and colleges, including the universities of Rijeka, Split and Zagreb, to implement continuing education and professional certificate programmes in local economic and organisational development, finance and human resources management, information technology, citizen participation and procurement processing. Croatian-based case studies and professional training material for these subjects have been developed. Some of these have been included as the applied part of the courses held at the MPA in Rijeka. Further, a cadre of consultants has been trained to provide consulting assistance to local governments in these areas. Many of these subjects relate directly to the challenges of local governments throughout South East Europe. The Unger Centre's work has involved training of Croatian professors and local government officials at the Levin College and support to colleges and universities in the design and delivery of workshops and continuing education and certificate programmes. The authors believe that the results and findings of the analysis of this cooperative effort of the participating Croatian universities, the Unger International Centre for Local Government Leadership at Cleveland State University and the Local Government Reform Project will facilitate the advancement of professional development of public administrators throughout South East Europe.

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Rad je, u ranijoj verziji, predstavljen na međunarodnom znanstvenom skupu "First International Symposium on the Development of Public Administration in Southeast Europe" održanom u Ljublani u lipnju 2007, u organizaciji Fakultete za Upravo i NISPAcee. (Network of Institutes and Schools of Public Administration in Central and Eastern Europe)


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081-0000000-1264 - Strategija ekonomsko-socijalnih odnosa hrvatskog društva (Helena Blažić, )
081-0000000-1270 - Strategija korporacije– sadašnja budućnost (Ivan Mencer, )
081-1151212-1453 - Poslovna prilagodba hrvatskih gospodarskih subjekata tržišnom natjecanju u EU (Marija Kaštelan Mrak, )

Ekonomski fakultet, Rijeka

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