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Aluminium content of some Croatian wines

Šeruga, Marijan; Grgić, Jerica; Grgić, Zdravko; Šeruga, Bernarda
Aluminium content of some Croatian wines // Deutsche Lebensmittel : Rundschau, 94 (1998), 10; 336-340 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Aluminium content of some Croatian wines

Šeruga, Marijan ; Grgić, Jerica ; Grgić, Zdravko ; Šeruga, Bernarda

Deutsche Lebensmittel : Rundschau (0012-0431) 94 (1998), 10; 336-340

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Radovi u časopisima, članak, znanstveni

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Aluminium; Croatian wines; toxicity; human body

The aluminium (Al) in different brands of white and red Croatian wines was measured, by the Zeeman graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrophotometry (ZGFAAS) method. The results show that white wines have a slightly higher mean Al concentration (2.82 mg Al/l) than red wines (2.51 mg Al/l). The extensive use of bentonite in the fining of white wines may be a main factor contributing to the observed higher mean Al concentration in white wines. The mean Al concentration of all wine samples investigated was 2.69 mg Al/l. This Al concentration is significantly below the tolerable Al content in Croatian wines (10 mg Al/l), established by Croatian Ministry of Agriculture. The evaluated daily intake of Al (1.345 mg Al/day) possible throught the consumption of wines could be a significant source of dietary Al intake, in comparison to the others beverage contribution. However, in relation to the establishedtolerable daily dietary Al intake of an adult person (60 mg Al/day), the contribution from wines is very low (practically negligible). Thus, it appears that the Al intake from wines should not be a cause for concern with regard to Al toxicity for the human body.

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Prehrambeno-tehnološki fakultet, Osijek

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