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Significance of Clusters in the Process of Connecting Small and Medium Companies in Croatia

Cerović, Ljerka; Crnković-Stumpf, Branka; Uhač, Borka
Significance of Clusters in the Process of Connecting Small and Medium Companies in Croatia // Journal of International Scientific Publications, 1 (2007), 264-279 (podatak o recenziji nije dostupan, članak, znanstveni)

Significance of Clusters in the Process of Connecting Small and Medium Companies in Croatia

Cerović, Ljerka ; Crnković-Stumpf, Branka ; Uhač, Borka

Journal of International Scientific Publications (1313-2555) 1 (2007); 264-279

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Business connections; clusters; SME; Croatia

In function of stimulating development of small and medium companies in Croatia which constitute more than 90% business subjects of our country, special attention is paid to building quality entrepreneurial business connections, according to her meaning in connecting not only small and medium companies between themselves, but also their connecting with large business entities. Traditional programs of economic development are constantly loosing on significance and often they are submitted to critics because they aren’ t focused on rising competitiveness at the level of entire society, but only at the individual business entities level. In the sense of that, clusters, like conception of strategic action group of institution, which are covering the entire process of creating new value, provide frame for strategic action in area of global competitiveness in economy of Croatia or her particular region, and in realization common visions, missions and goals of all cluster participant. As answer to the process of globalisation of economy on European and world level, and the problem of disparity growing and developing regions in Croatia, clusters like specific shape of association small and medium companies, are becoming more current in Croatia, and their acting area is moving from theory to practice. Beside financial support to the clusters, in the year of 2005 began the process of the cluster participants education, and other models of promoting this institutional form of business connections for supporting small and medium entrepreneurship.

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Rad je prezentiran na skupu 6th International Symposium "Economy & Business : Economic Development and Growth", održanom od 10.-14.09.2007.g., Sunny Beach, Bugarska, u organizaciji Info Invest and the Science and Education Foundation.


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