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Adolescence and Mental Health

Sujoldžić, Anita; Rudan, Vlasta; De lucia, Amelia.
Adolescence and Mental Health, 2006. (stručni priručnik).

Adolescence and Mental Health

Sujoldžić, Anita ; Rudan, Vlasta ; De lucia, Amelia.

Adolescence and Mental Health

Vrsta, podvrsta
Ostale vrste radova, stručni priručnik


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Adolescents; mental health; prevention

The booklet was sponsored by European Commission Project: Cultural sensitivity and competence in adolescent mental health promotion, prevention and early intervention (CSCAMHPPEI -015127) SIXTH FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME: Specific Support Action.This booklet helps parents answer questions and understand what's normal and what's not concerning their child's growth and development from ages 11-22. It addresses everyday normal issues like peer influence, independence, identity, sexuality, reponsibility, as well as more serious ones like violent behavior, experimental alcohol and drug use, teen depression or anxiety and eating disorders. Although the majority of youth passes through this transition without serious difficulties, a significant number is unable to cope with all the challenges and may develop emotional problems, which if untreated may have detrimental consequences for their future mental and physical health. Therefore, it is very important for both teens and parents to know the warning signs of such problems and to provide help and treatment.

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