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An mtDNA perspective of French genetic variation

Richard, Chrystelle; Pennarun, Erwan; Kivisild, Toomas; Tambets, Kristiina; Tolk, Helle-Viivi; Metspalu, Ene; Reidla, Maere; Chevalier, Sylviana; Giraudet, Stéphanie; Barać Lauc, Lovorka et al.
An mtDNA perspective of French genetic variation // Annals of human biology, 34 (2007), 1; 68-79 doi:10.1080/03014460601076098 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

An mtDNA perspective of French genetic variation

Richard, Chrystelle ; Pennarun, Erwan ; Kivisild, Toomas ; Tambets, Kristiina ; Tolk, Helle-Viivi ; Metspalu, Ene ; Reidla, Maere ; Chevalier, Sylviana ; Giraudet, Stéphanie ; Barać Lauc, Lovorka ; Peričić, Marijana ; Rudan, Pavao ; Claustres, Mireille ; Journel, Hubert ; Dorval, Ian ; Müller, Claude ; Villems, Richard ; Chaventré, André ; Moisan, Jean-Paul

Annals of human biology (0301-4460) 34 (2007), 1; 68-79

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Human mitochondrial DNA; France; microgeographical differentiation; phylogeography; Basque; Breton

The French has been insufficiently characterized so far for mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) diversity. The study aimed to enhance the information available for the French mtDNA pool and to explore the potential microgeographical differentiation of two French regions selected for their linguistic and historical idiosyncrasies. A total of 868 samples from 12 different locations in France were collected. They were sequenced for the hypervariable segment I (HVS-I) and typed for haplogroup defining markers from the coding region either by restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) or by a new protocol based on the 5' nuclease allelic discrimination. The mtDNA gene pools of French Basques and Bretons were compared in terms of frequency and composition with relevant neighbouring populations. The French Basques' mtDNA pool shares some common features with that of the Spanish Basques, such as the high frequency of haplogroup H. However, the French Basques exhibit a number of distinct features, most notably expressed in the prevalence of haplogroups linked with the Neolithic diffusion in Europe. In Brittany, Finistè re shows closer affinities with Britain and Scandinavia than the two other departments of Brittany. The mtDNA haplogroup composition of the French does not differ significantly from the surrounding European genetic landscape. At a finer grain, microgeographical differentiation can be revealed, as shown for the French Basque country and for Brittany.

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196-1962766-2751 - Populacijska struktura Hrvatske - antropogenetički pristup (Pavao Rudan, )
196-1962766-2763 - Molekularno-genetička obilježja populacija utemeljitelja - Romi kao model (Branka Janićijević, )

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