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Splenic-gonadal fusion of the continuous type in an adult female

Alujević, Antonio; Anđelović, Šimun; Forempoher, Gea; Nigojević, Snježana; Biočić, Mihovil; Rumboldt, Zoran; Kapular, Leonardo; Primorac, Dragan
Splenic-gonadal fusion of the continuous type in an adult female // Pathology International, 45 (1995), 11; 871-874 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Splenic-gonadal fusion of the continuous type in an adult female

Alujević, Antonio ; Anđelović, Šimun ; Forempoher, Gea ; Nigojević, Snježana ; Biočić, Mihovil ; Rumboldt, Zoran ; Kapular, Leonardo ; Primorac, Dragan

Pathology International (1320-5463) 45 (1995), 11; 871-874

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Splenic-gonadal fusion

The first case of a continuous type splenic-gonadal fusion in an adult female is described. This extremely rare anomaly occurs more often in the male where the abnormality may be associated with skeletal abnormalities or cryptorchidism, The few cases of splenic-gonadal fusion in the female previously described were found mainly in infants. The present case of splenic-gonadal fusion occurred as a duct, approximately 10 cm long, extending from the inferior pole of the spleen to a junction in the left ovarian suspensory ligament, The superior two-thirds of this tubular structure consisted of splenic tissue, while the caudal one-third of the duct was composed of fat and fibrous tissue. In addition, two blood vessels, an artery and a vein, were present throughout the entire length of duct, and were located extracapsullary to the spleen in the cranial portion of this anomaly, The patient had no associated malformations in contrast to the majority of patients with continuous-type splenic-gonadal fusions.

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