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Spin-dimer-like Magnetic Coupling in the Infinite-chain Compound CA0.85CUO2

Dolinšek, Jani; Arčon, D.; Cevc, Pavel; Milat, Ognjen; Miljak, Marko; Aviani, Ivica
Spin-dimer-like Magnetic Coupling in the Infinite-chain Compound CA0.85CUO2 // Physical review B : condensed matter, 57 (1998), 13; 7798-7803 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Spin-dimer-like Magnetic Coupling in the Infinite-chain Compound CA0.85CUO2

Dolinšek, Jani ; Arčon, D. ; Cevc, Pavel ; Milat, Ognjen ; Miljak, Marko ; Aviani, Ivica

Physical review B : condensed matter (0163-1829) 57 (1998), 13; 7798-7803

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Modulated structure; Sr14cu24o41; microscopy.

The nature of the magnetically ordered state in calcium cuprate Ca0.85CuO2 has been studied by electron-spin resonance and magnetic-susceptibility measurements. A gap of 83 K in the spin excitation spectrum has been detected arising from the ordering of CU2+ spins in the CuO2 chains. The magnetic structure can be considered as one dimensional and consists of short even-number spin segments with an intiferromagnetic coupling. The segments are separated by nonmagnetic CU3+ ions that make the intersegment superexchange coupling constant vanishingly small. The observed magnetic structure can be explained by a simple geometrical model of a distribution of CU2+ and CU3+ ions that is determined by the Ca0.85CuO2 specific structure. For a stoichiometric approximant Ca0.833CuO2 the magnetic chains consist of regularly spaced noninteracting quarters of spins whereas the incommensurability of Ca and Cu lattices in Ca0.85CuO2 implies that in addition to the quartets there exist also segments with larger but still relatively small number of spins. The observed structure closely resembles the spin-Peierls dimerization when the insertion of the CU3+ ions into the Cu2+ linear chain plays the role of a lattice distortion.

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Institut za fiziku, Zagreb

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