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CFF- Clinical Forms' Framework

Zoraja, Ivan; Golem, Vojimir; Nadramija, Damir
CFF- Clinical Forms' Framework, 2005. (izvješće).

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CFF- Clinical Forms' Framework

Zoraja, Ivan ; Golem, Vojimir ; Nadramija, Damir


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Ključne riječi
BPM; Portals; BizTalk; SharePoint; Clinical Forms; Workflows

The Clinical Forms’ Framework (CFF) is an implementation of clinical forms and healthcare business processes that allows workers in the healthcare industry to more efficiently and effectively perform paper work. This implementation is a prototype solution containing only the core functionality and therefore can be used as a reference for creating solutions used in a productive environment. CFF is implemented based on requirements specified by needs of a real healthcare organization that provides private healthcare services in Croatia. CFF is completely based on Microsoft technologies and is implemented in a portable way to be easily incorporated in a Microsoft SharePoint Portal. Clinical forms are in XML format and can be created using either Microsoft Office InfoPath 2003 or an ASPX application. Windows SharePoint Services is used to implement web-based accesses and simple workflow management while Microsoft BizTalk 2004 is used to implement core business processes.

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Fakultet elektrotehnike, strojarstva i brodogradnje, Split


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Zoraja, Ivan; Golem, Vojimir; Nadramija, Damir
CFF- Clinical Forms' Framework, 2005. (izvješće).
Zoraja, I., Golem, V. & Nadramija, D. (2005) CFF- Clinical Forms' Framework. FESB. Izvješće.
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