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The Use of Dynamic Text in the Communication Process

Pibernik, Jesenka; Brozović, Maja
The Use of Dynamic Text in the Communication Process // International Journal of Learning, 12 (2005), 5; 141-148 (podatak o recenziji nije dostupan, pregledni rad, znanstveni)

The Use of Dynamic Text in the Communication Process

Pibernik, Jesenka ; Brozović, Maja

International Journal of Learning (1447-9494) 12 (2005), 5; 141-148

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Dynamic text;; font; line; motion; readibility

Principles concerning appropriate sizes, line length and line spacing for reading matter are studied by several researchers (Black, 1990). In practice (White, 2003), the best text type is so comfortable that it is invisible (transparent), i.e. the reader is not aware of the act of reading. The way in which designer uses the space on the page greatly affects how easily the reader can understand and retrieve the information from it (Hartley, 1994). Digital possibilities of connecting spatial with textual data dynamically may guide reader's attention and increase reader's capability of understanding, memorizing and learning textually presented information. The effects of dynamic visuals on information acquisition have been investigated by several researchers (Angelin et al, 1996). Motion typography can convey ideas, aesthetics and evoke responses. The motion variables of dynamic text include alternations of font's proportions, changes over time and changes in motion directions. The research will examine and evaluate possible merits and dangers of dynamic text usage for transparent readability. The aims are to determine relationships between font (type, size), line (length, spacing) and motion (speed, direction) for better readability. Students from The Faculty of Graphic Arts, Graphic Design Department, are chosen as the observers for visual evaluation.

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